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    Since you are a SGGEE member you have access to all the quarterly Journals published by SGGEE since it's inception 8 years ago.
    In particular, I would like to draw your attention to an excellent article (in 2 parts) that  Jerry Frank contributed to the SGGEE Journal in the December 2001 and January 2002 issues.  The article is entitled "Drang nach Osten" The German Migration to the East.    
    No doubt Jerry will provide you with additional insight when he has the opportunity, but the article referred to above will give you a very good start in your quest for migration information
    In the 30 some odd Journals published to date, there are many more informative article to be found dealing with  migration of Germans to the Poland and Volhynia.  A list of contents can be found inside the front cover of each issue

John Marsch


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  Hi Jerry,
    You seem well informed of many historical things.  And you made reference 
  that Catherine the Great was not responsible for German immigration to Russia 
  except for Volga Germans.  Do you then know another reason?  I am very 
  interested in understanding this.  Can you recommend some reading?
    Also have you any more information about resettlement issues due to WWII and 
  why these things happened?
    I am trying to understand the movement of relatives from Wohlynia to Siberia 
  to Warthegau and finally to Germany and then to Canada.  Also what was the 
  impulse that had these folks also come to "America" in the early 1900's (my 
  grandfather Ritz came for a couple of years and then went back).
    I would be very greatful for any information or links to information that 
  you could supply.

  Rita Lyster

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