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Schemioneck, Nell Nell.Schemioneck at AirservicesAustralia.com
Thu Apr 20 17:35:07 PDT 2006


Thanks for the insights into spelling changes.  With names like most of
us have in our backgrounds, we see some very creative spelling.  One
point - you mentioned 
"Not only the 'c'substitution for 'k', also the 'k' for the 'ck'".

Does this mean that 'ck' was probably the original spelling but was
shortened to 'k'?

We spell our name Schemioneck and there are still some families with
this spelling in Germany but the majority of those in Germany today are
Schemionek.  I've been told (by someone with this spelling) that their's
is original and ours is a mistake (considering the shipping manifest
spelled it Skemouck it's a wonder it's anything like the original!)

In Poland today the name is Siemionek or Szemionek.  Can anyone tell me
how it would be pronounced in Poland?  We Aussies pronounce it Cher
(like the singer/actress) muunick (like in Munich in Germany).  

Greetings from Downunder

Nell Schemioneck

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