[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] NELL -Spelling Changes

Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Fri Apr 21 13:41:01 PDT 2006

Otto schrieb:

>Morning Nell,
>On "Schemionek"
>I find no German equivalent alternate of the name in SGGEE's list of  
>alternate surnames.
>It does not mean one does not exist. Perhaps someone on the SGGEE  
>ListServ more fluent in the Polish language can give us insight to  
>its meaning.  The prefix 'Sch' is Germanic and does not exist in the  
>Polish language.  In Polish 'Sch' is written as "Sz'. The ending 'ek'  
>could well be a suffix and if so what language... Polish 'ek' is a  
>diminutive indicating little..  The name would be pronounced, as  
>written, "Shemion'ek".
Good evening (in Germany it is late night), Nell & Otto,
the Polish name Szymaniak is listed 5068 times under 
www.herby.com.pl/herby/indexslo.html . Couldn't Schemionek be a derivate 
of this original? Siemionek is listed 323 times and centered in the 
siedleckie Wojwodztwo. They seem to derive from the biblical Simon or 


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