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Sei gegruesst, Guenther!

I find your 'addition' very interesting.
A good example of an old word being a powerful one. Words are  
metaphor, vehicles carrying meaning through time to future  
generations-All we need do is reinvigorate them. "Schemionek" is a  
fascinating surname laden with imagery.

We find we are dealing with a name Hebrew in origin (Simeon, son of  
Jacob and Leah, also the name of one the tribes of Israel) presently  
'pasted together' using the Roman alphabet plus German and Polish  
parts of speech.  If the 'ek' is truly the Polish diminutive suffix  
indicating "little", the surname would indicate 'little Simeon'.  It  
leaves one wondering what the person bestowed with the surname did in  
the distant past to earn the surname 'little Simeon'?  Sire many  
children, enough to form a tribe? Perhaps some good Christian works?   
Nell will need to research "Simeon" to discover all of his attributes.

As many will note this etymological exercise did not establish ethnic  
identity. That must be left to DNA analysis with its package of  
surprises.  The similarities are what stand out.

masc. proper name, from L., from Gk. Symeon, from Heb. Shim'on, lit.  
"hearkening, hearing," from shama "he heard." In Eng. O.T., usually  
printed as Simeon, but in N.T. almost always as Simon. Confused with  
Gk. masc. proper name Simon, which is from simos "snub-nosed."
Günther Böhm schrieb:
an addition:
in Polish, Simon (the original name of Petrus) is spelled Szymon or  
The Russian Semyon instead is a different saint - the orthodox Simeon.
The name SCHEMIONEK seems to derive from this Russian name which is
pronounced Sjemion, and may be the result of a mixture of the Polish and
Russian writing.


Bis bald,
Richard O. Schienke
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