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Hello Otto and listers;
There is no need to type, for example, ae in order to indicate an umlaut A. 
I recommend you go to the following website address:
You will find a page entitled "Character Codes" "Umlauted vowels and 
Print out that page and save it and you will then be able to compile text 
using, for example ä etc, with ease.
Allan Zelmer.
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>A brief note:
> The German alphabet includes three umlaut vowels, A, O, and U.
> (vowels with two dots above them)  The dots are not diacritical
> marks. Umlaut vowels are alphabetical characters.  Umlauts are to be
> pronounced at the front of the mouth like the pronunciation of 'ich'
> and not at the throaty back of the mouth like pronunciation of 'ach'.
> Umlaut/half-loud.  Author Mark Twain joked that learning German is
> getting the ichlauts and achlauts correct, say what you are going to
> say, then add a verb to the end.
> Mechanical typewriters came on to the world scene. 26 letters. . .
> where are my umlaut vowels?
> The ListServ is not umlaut capable. What do I do now?
> I indicate an umlaut A by adding an E after it, resulting in "ae', I
> do the same with umlaut O="oe" and umlaut U="ue"
> (you will note the added 'e' forces the vowel sounding to the front
> of the mouth)
> Today, more and more font bases include diacritical marks AND German
> umlaut vowels.
> . . .  Otto
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