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Mon Apr 24 01:50:43 PDT 2006

Fred Hoffman has written some great articles on the ski vs ski topic - see
February's Gen Dobry magazine at Polish Roots - and many other aspects of
Polish names.  Hopefully this link will take you there!
Bronwyn Klimach

On 4/22/06, Gary Warner <gary at warnerengineering.com> wrote:
> Guenther,
> I do not speak Polish or Russian or Ukrainian, so
> I suppose that the information given to me can be
> incorrect.   All I was reporting is what my
> Polish friend (who also speaks Russian) told me,
> and also what has occurred in my own family.   If
> the ski and sky riddle is not answered as I have
> indicated, then why do some names end in ski, and some in sky?
> Gary Warner
> At 01:03 PM 04/21/06, Günther Böhm wrote:
> >Gary Warner schrieb:
> >
> > >I just asked a Polish friend who speaks both Polish and Russian, and
> > >who is also part Ukrainian.   She says that the sound of ski and sky
> > >is identical, but she says it has to do with the Cyrillic alphabet
> > >that the letter is a y instead of an i.   She says that typically a
> > >person with an ski name is Polish (or at least their name was formed
> > >in Poland), and that sky is usually a Russian or Ukrainian name (or
> > >at least their name was formed in Russia or the Ukraine).    I
> > >suppose that a German living in both Poland and Volhynia might have a
> > >Polonized name that ended in ski, and when they moved to Volhynia
> > >that it might have changed to sky.
> > >
> >
> >Gary,
> >sorry, but this is definitely wrong. In Russian and Ukrainian there is
> >never a "y" [in Russian "iery"] after a "k". It is written instead as "i
> >- i kratkoye" and transcribed in Latin characters as "ij". If you want,
> >I can send you the original cyrillian writing in a private mail (as I
> >suppose, the ger-poland-volhynia list is still not able to transmit
> >Unicode [UTF-8]).
> >
> >Guenther
> >
> >
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