[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Engelbrecht's & Wittmann's from Zyrardow, Russia-Poland

Michal J. Marciniak michal_marciniak at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 24 02:10:19 PDT 2006

Hi Douglas,
  I've been to the archives in Grodzisk Mazowiecki many time where are kept records of Zyrardow. Basically, the Lutheran vital records for Zyrardow are from the 1880's but there are other records before the 1880's which may help in your research.
  I suggest you to start your research from obtaining a marriage record for Leopold Engelbrecht and Emma Ortlieb and  a marriage record for Julius Wittmann and Emma Mathilde Lohrke. The marriage record will provide you with information on their parents' name, place of birth and approx. their date of birth. Then, you may look for their birth certificates.
  Michal J. Marciniak
  Turek, Poland

Douglas Di Paola <douglas_ddp at msn.com> wrote:
  Hello, my name is Douglas Di Paola and I have been doing research on my 
maternal side of the family. All of my great grandparents (and 
grandparents) were from Zyrardow, Russia-Poland. They were German and 
Lutheran. My great grandparent's names are: Leopold Engelbrecht (married 
Emma Ortlieb), and Julius Wittmann (married Emma Mathilde Lohrke). All of 
them were born between 1870 and 1880 in Zyrardow. I have been trying to 
obtain their birth records for some time, without success. I have pursued 
death records for some of them as they ended their lives in what is now 
Germany. Unfortunately, death records are not a reliable as birth records. 
A few of my great uncles came to America in the early 1900's and I am 
investigating those records. What I have now and know is all from my 
grandparents who came to the United States around 1956. Does anyone have 
advise or experience with records from Zyrardow? Or is there any connection 
to the names I have listed. Regards.

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