[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Character-sets, was: German Umlaut Vowels

Reiner Kerp mail at reiner-kerp.de
Mon Apr 24 15:17:49 PDT 2006

Windows 98 and XP have a feature called in German "Zeichentabelle" (English: character-table?). Apple has a similar feature called "Zeichenpalette" in German. It can be reached by "programs" "accessories" "system-programs".

Provided a character-set (e.g. "Microsoft Sans Serif", "Arial Unicode MS" or "Times New Roman Unicode") holding these characters is installed, one can "copy and past" any "special character" from that table into a document (E-mail). Before sending, Outlook Express asks you how to. When you mark "as Unicode", the characters usually should be delivered correctly. I don´t know how Eudora, Opera and Yahoo-/Google-mail handle this.

The recipient also must use an E-mail client supporting Unicode and an Unicode-Characterset installed (as mentioned above).

When I (using Outlook Express 6) receive an E-mail displaying squares or question-marks, I click on "Answer" then on "Format" "character-set" "more" and "Unicode (UTF-8)". Most of the time then the correct characters are displayed.

This system works with Polish and Kyrillic but not with Phonetic (IPA) characters.

Best regards,

Reiner (Kerp)

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