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Georgia Bruns georgianuehring at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 25 12:24:43 PDT 2006

 Hello List,

Interesting posts concerning names. 

Maybe someone can help me with my name. Nyring changed to Nühring.  Two dots
over the u.  

In the church records in Germany, Husum, near Nienburg, it states:  He was
from Prussia.

He was born around 1710-1720.  He seems to just appear in this village and
marries one of the ladies of the village.  No record of his parents or of
him being born there. 

Where could he be from????  I know very little of the history of Germany. 
Could he be from an area close to Nienburg?

Most descendants here in the USA have the spelling Nuehring.  A few Nehring,
and Nuhring. 
Most of the descendants went to Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa.  Every Nuehring
family I have researched goes back to this gentleman.  There are many here
and in Germany.

There are many Nehring families in the USA.  None connected as far as I know
   With the exception of a very few in Iowa.

I realize it is impossible to guess where he might be from.  

Maybe there is a village with a few families with this surname that is close
to Husum, but in Prussia.  
He married about 1743 in Husum.  Had children born up to the year of 1765. 
No record of death of this man.  His wife died around 1785.

Any ideas where this man came from would be most welcome!  

Also any ideas of the origin of the name.  

Thanks for any ideas, or suggestions!   This is fun to explore, and I
realize I may never find the real truth.  

Georgia Nuehring Bruns
researching Nuhring, Nuehring, Nehring, Kreplin, Warnholtz, Grossman,
Yauslin, Homeyer, Sander,Kregel,Stade, Von Stade, Rohn,
 Borcherding, Schultz, and many others.  From Iowa, Husum, Krein, Germany,
and other places.
Have a great day and may God Bless You!

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