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.....> I have a similar mystery with the other side of the family with the
> of Nicklass.  Another name originally from the Greeks,then given to a
> it seems to have so many variations - Nickels, Nicles, Nicolas, Nicolaus,
> Niclas, Nicholls...  There seem to be very few Nicklass families around
> now.  I know the vagaries of automatic page translations on the web but
> anyone have any idea why Haus Nicklass (a hotel/restaurant mear Nurnberg)
> would translate as Hotel Pitchlet?
> Cheers
> Nell Schemioneck

I think so too that the name "Nicklass" might come from the name of the
saint "Sankt Nikolaus" (Saint Claus/Santa Claus).

"Nick'" is the imperative of the German verb "nicken" ("to pitch" or "to
nod") and "lass'" is the imperative of the verb "lassen" (to let), and so
the name "Nicklass" was translated as "Pitchlet"

By the way, I live about 60 km from Nuernberg, Middle Franconia, Bavaria. If
that is the "Nurnberg" that you mentioned, please don't hesitate to ask me,
in case that there is anything that I can do for you.

Tina Burek

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