[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Translations of occupations from ortsippenbuch

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here's a translation

1 -  spiritual healer (possibly preacher)
2-  Linen weaver
3- Someone who saws (woodworker, tree cutter)
4- Wood or tree cutter
 5- farm builder
 6- school master

Jacob may have had red hair since they called him  Red Jakschle  -  schle on
the end
of the name is something older people added to kids names.

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> I have been able to trace some of my ancestors from Russia Poland to
> villages in Germany.  I am having trouble translating the occuptions of my
> ancestors from the 1500 and 1600's in Cresbach, Germany.   The occupations
> are  1. Heiligenpfleger   2. Leinenweber   3.  Saeger  ( There should be
> umlaut over the a but I don't have that key)   4. Waldhauer  5. Hofbauer
> Gewester Schulmeister      Also,  behind the name of one of my ancestors
> Jakob Martini  it always has "der Roth Jackschle"  whenever his name is
> mentioned.   His father was a heiligenpfleger.  What could that phrase
>     Thank you for any help.     Joyce
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