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Elaine & All,

I for one got a great chuckle out of the Eye examination joke. Thanks!
Many of us are probably having a belly laugh at the moment & getting rid of
stress. It took me awhile to get my tongue around the name of my newly found

2nd GrGrandmothers surname-D Z M Y R C Z A N S K A - By the way ,if there is
anyone out there doing a search on this name, please get in touch with me.

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A Ukrainian immigrant goes to the Department of Motor Vehicles to
apply for a driver's license.

 He has to take an eye test. The clerk shows him a card
with the letters:

 C Z W I X N O S T A C Z

 "Can you read this?" the clerk asks.

 "Read it?"?the immigrant replies, "I know the guy."

Fellow listers..while it is not my intent to set a precedent for posting
jokes it just seemed so appropriate to share this with everyone struggling
with the spelling and pronunciation of names and places we deal with in our
research in eastern Europe. Maybe a good chuckle will ease the stress a



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