[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] 1840 Poznan area to 1860 Volhynia: Stopping Places (William Remus)

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 Bill, any chance Haarwardt and Harbart are the same name?  There are
several Harbart families in the Rypin, Plock area in your timeframe and I
have information on them.

Earl Schultz

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	Stopping	Places
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I have been very successfully finding my ancestral Haarwardt family (and
other Volhynia families) just east of Poznan in Labischen. Then, all the
sudden they disappear after 1840 and reappear in the early 1860's in
Volhynia. So they must have spent about 20 years farming in Russian Poland
and been driven out by the Polish revolt in Russian Poland in the early
1860's. And to SK and MB around 1900.

So does anyone know what farming areas opened up in the 1840's in Russian
Poland that might have attracted them. I believe opportunities around
Sampolno, Plock, Rawa and Lodz were around 1800 so too early...

Regards Bill Remus
Haarwardt, Remus, Hoffmann, Podjan, Spitzer, and others ....

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