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Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 13 21:25:28 PST 2006

Thanks Guenther and all for your assistance.

Rose Ingram

From: "Günther Böhm"

Rose Ingram schrieb:

 >I have run across  few different spelling of a Surname in a family unit,
 >which I have not seen before.
 >-Deurug and Deurog, with an umlaut over the "u"
 >What is the proper spelling of this name

the closest German spelling is DÖRING [DOERING]. DERING is a German
spelling too but not original.
DERYNK is a Polish spelling of the name.

If of interest, the original meaning of the name was "the Thuringian"
(Thüringen [Thuringia] is a German province),
its development: Thuring (abt 830), de Thuringen (abt 1144), Duringus
(abt 1144), Durinc (abt 1290), Doring (abt 1344/1364).


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