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Thank-you Donna, for the lovely photos; mine are almost identical except
that the yours are so much clearer; I am amazed in looking at my pictures
and then yours, that the interior of the church has not changed at all; all
the furnishings are identical except for the alter cloth; I do have one
additional picture and that is of the thatched-roofed home next to the
church, in which Mrs. Falk resided.
Yes this church or actually Prayer House(the place where the lay minister
would normally hold reading services and to which the official Pastor would
attend perhaps twice a year); yes this Prayer House was definitely a
Lutheran establishment.
The names I recorded were taken from the head stones in the cemetery, but as
I indicated because we were a bit rushed I did not take the time to record
dates and first names.
Which area of North Dakota were you from? It sounds like a lot of the
Germans from Kazimierka moved into your area; that's interesting.
As I suggested to Janice, the LDS microfilmed records of Stawiszyn should
have the records for Kazimierka.
Howard Krushel 

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Hi Howard,

Yes, I too, thought this to be a stunning church. The cemetery is so close 
to the church building and then surrounded by the brick fence. And then just

acres and acres of farmland on the other side of the cemetery. If you zoom 
in on the top of the church building you can see the "1907' in the brick 
around the sign. Mrs. Falk is gone. A woman named Marta Falk, #1 Josefow, 
had her son come in from working in the field to let us into the church.

How do you have the surnames for the cemetery? I am related to the Dalke and

Retzlaff families. I grew up in a German community in North Dakota and went 
to high school with children named Peda, Gust, Teschner. I think my 
g-g-grandfather, Johann Schulz, might be buried in this cemetery. How is 
your family connected to this church?

So your understanding is that it was indeed a Lutheran church? I believe the

SGGEE has no record of a Lutheran church in Kazimierka.

A man named Michal from Turek, Poland has offered to do the transcription 
for me. I'll let you know what he says.

Thanks for the info.


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