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The Kartz and Eisler surnames are very uncommon within the Lutheran record books for Volhynia.  Were these folks Baptist?

A Caroline Eisler shows up as the wife of Friedrich Rietke and mother of Julius in 1880.  This could be your Caroline but more info would be needed to prove it.

There is one entry showing a Ludwig Karch as a father.  You might want to check into that to see if the surname was incorrectly extracted.

Jerry Frank

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From: Marg Driechel <driechel at telus.net>
> Subject: Kartz
> My grandfather, Rudolf Kartz was born July 2 1885 to Ludwig Kartz 
> and his second wife Caroline Eisler in Volhynia.  Ludwig and his 
> first wife (I would like to know her name) had a daughter Anna who 
> was born in 1883.
> I would like to know if Caroline was married before and if she had 
> other children. Also if Ludwig and his first wife had other 
> children. Ludwig was born Sept 15, 1848 and Caroline (don't know 
> if Eisler was her maiden name or previously married name) was born 
> Aug 24, 1848.   Ludwig and Caroline married when they were in 
> thier 30s and possibly there could have been other children for 
> either or both of them in former marrages.
> Marg
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