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I am glad to see that you joined SGGEE, but the best way to make 
connections is for you to send in your pedigree data so that we can 
merge it with the main database.    There are no guarantees that we 
will find any matches, but the computer is much better at making 
matches of data than a human could ever be.

As I have said, no guarantees, but I have seen as few as a dozen 
names submitted, and I have given back data on several thousand 
people who are related to the first dozen.

Gary Warner

At 12:49 PM 01/04/06, Christopher Menke wrote:
>   I am trying to find information on the Menke family from Volhynia 
> and prior to Volhynia. They were German-Lutheran. My 
> great-great-grandfather Christopher Menke was born about 1831. He 
> married first at age 21 according to death certificate and had 12 
> kids - not sure about first wife, and he had a child with her 
> apparently. His second marriage was to my g-g-grandmother Emilie 
> Brandt. They had 11 kids together, (Emilie was daughter of G. 
> Brandt and D. Knorr; Emilie was born in Poland in 1854; not sure where).
>   They lived NE of Rowno, Volhynia. My great-grandfather Gustav was 
> from village of Alexandria, about 14 km NE of Rowno. His sister 
> Maria Menke born to Christopher & Emilie in 1881 in Mariendorf, 
> right by Alexandria; also a brother Johann Manke (that is surname 
> spelling in Odessa files) born to Christopher & Emilie in 
> Mariendorf in 1879. Gustav Menke (b. 1884) left first in 1900 and 
> went first to Winnipeg, then Gretna, MB (in Gretna Lutheran Church 
> married Wilhemina Schappert), and then settled and farmed in Neche, 
> North Dakota. He came with friends from Alexandria area Henry 
> Stegman and Adolph Latotzke. He worked and brought his parents and 
> siblings, Adam (b. 1894 and married Ottilie Stegman), Friedrich (b. 
> 1897 and married Annie Paetsch), Flora, and Natalie (Nellie Schiller) Menke.
>   Anyone with ANY information on this family prior to coming to 
> Canada and U.S. would be GREATLY appreciated! I am stuck on 
> Christopher Menke and cannot find any information on where he came 
> from or his parent's names or origins. His ND death certificate did 
> not list them.  Family legend says he came from German-Poland prior 
> to Volhynia, but his death certificate says born in Russia.
>   Also looking for the missing siblings; Christopher and Emilie had 
> 11 or 12 kids and I know of only 7; Johann I only know of because 
> of the Odessa record, and do not know what became of him.
>   An important note is that I have found records of our last name 
> as MENKE & MANKE in the same area of Volhynia- perhaps same family. 
> On Gustav's immigration papers he signed as "Gustav Manke" and on 
> Emilie's ND death certificate, though they wrote her name as Emelia 
> Menke, Gustav's brother Frierich signed as "Friedrich Manke."  Thanks!!!
>Chris Menke
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