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Thanks Roger!  I would be happy to pursue that route but the Grooms side was 
my great-great grandmother and I think we know what became of most of them - 
the family was very close.  It is just my great-great grandfather that 
remains a mystery.

I appreciate the help!


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>Greetings Shann, and welcome to the group.  I don't know if it will be of
>any help to you, but I have a cousin living in Surry, British Columbia and
>she is married to "Allen Groom".  I don't know much about his family but
>could perhaps find out for you.  they are both quite elderly so I don't
>think we should wait too long.
>Roger K.
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>Hi everyone!
>I joined the group a month or so ago and had some kind responses from Mr.
>Obee and Mr. Itterman.  I decided to wait until I had more information from
>my grandmother.  She gave me all her records over the holidays and this is
>what information I do have.
>My great-great grandfather's name was Varro (or Warro - spelled differently
>on different documents) Traugott Rauschning Hubach and was born
>approximately 1873.  He and my great-great grandmother, Agnes Elisabeth
>Grooms, were married at St. Matthews Lutheran Church in Charleston, South
>Carolina on February 5, 1899.
>My great-grandmother was born on August 17, 1901 and when she was a small
>child (we don't know the exact year) he returned to Prussia and business 
>was never heard from again.  He was from Konigsberg and I do not believe he
>ever became a citizen.
>He is listed with my great-great grandmother on the 1900 census and his
>occupation is listed as candy maker.  I do not believe he ever became a
>citizen of the United States.
>I would like to find out more information about him.  When he was born, his
>family, and more importantly, when he died and where he is buried.  I also
>thought of searching passenger lists departing from Charleston but can't
>find any online and can't browse microfilm since I live in Zagreb, Croatia.
>We also have two letters from the German consulate dated 1933 and 1934
>saying perhaps he died in a hospital in the Northeastern United States.  My
>great-grandmother also said the man from the consulate later came to her
>with some papers to sign - they were all in German - and left her with a
>list of Rauschnings, listing professions and addresses in Konigsberg.
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