[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Jadwinin, Wladimir-Wolynsk Parish

Gerhard Koenig Gerhard.Koenig at gmx.net
Mon Jan 9 04:01:51 PST 2006

> I am looking for the village Jadwinin of Wladimir-Wolynsk Lutheran 
> Parish. I is filed under ... but I can't find it in the maps.

Hallo Guenther,

in the Russian village list (Gedenkbuecher Gouv. Wolhynien) from 1911
are written two villages with the entry "colony" in the Ujesd

"Jadwigow" - Wolost Werba - 97 inh. - 20Werst to Ujesd / 16Werst to Wolost
"Jadwinowka" - Wolost Skabielka - 465 inh. - 60Werst to Ujesd / 10W. to W.

In the source of our website (PINGOUD 1909) you can read the first village
too, so I think that "Jadwinin" and "Jadwinowka" can be the same village.

"Jadwinowka" you can read in Jerry's maps D4 or in the LUECK map C4.

In the Wolost Luzk was a village Jadwigin (NW from Boremel and the river
Styr) too, but in the parish Luzk.


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