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Dear Gerhard. 
Here are some information of birthrecords of my parents , gran-parents and great-gran parents. Also included are the places of birth.I hope it will help to discover the history of the name  ciechocinski. 
My father; Emil Ciechocinski born 25.11.1905 in Lipski--Stanislawow
My motherl Leokadia Ciechocinski { krueger ] born 2.1.1920 in 
                 Dowine - Dobrodinske --Nowini  Dobrod Poland. Married in 
                 Lutsk and 
                 living in  Kadyszcze  Volhynia.
father;      Gottfried Ciechocinski born 18/30 July 1873 in Kaniok--
                 Poland.  EWZ RECORDS.
mother     Ernestine Ciechocinski  [ Fechner ] born 2.3.1875 in
               Kelze-- Poland.   EWZ  RECORDS.
             Both birth certificates I received from the archives of
            Kelze / poland.written by Pastor Eduard   Lembke --
            [  Kiletsky ] in kyrillig .It states that they both were 
            born in the Hamlet of Ewgeniovy. Village Stutzno  -====
          OPOTCHYNSKY District.  Further it states that Gottfrieds
         Father August  Ciyucinsky age 25 was  present at birth. 
         II dont know if it was a misspelling fom ukrainien Kyrillig.
       August had a wife called Rosalia Marcinovska in kyrillig
      and also in other files  as Rosine Martin.For instant the Odessa   
      Files are given a name of August which must be the brother
     of Gottfried he is born 1883. Lipski and Ewgeniovy could be the     
     same place.    
      HERE are some dates from my mothers parents;   KRUEGER
      OTTO kRUEGER  born 17.10.1892 in Gluscha  Kreis Kowel.
      hIS WIFE  ;Ottilie Krueger  [ Stenzel ] geb.28.1.1893 in  
      Juljanowka  Kreis Bubno / Pupno  Poland.  Her parents ;
     Johann geb.19.3. 1848 in Kalisch.Mathilde geb. Gatzke born
       6.7.1854 in Kalisch.  
     Ottos Parents ; Johann and Karoline  geb. Minicki.
       This are the Dates and NAMES of my Ancestors .
     Hope it can be of some use .I can go no further back ..       
          Many Greetings Waldemar.   

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