[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] EWZ

Michael Stockhausen michael.stockhausen.ff at web.de
Thu Jan 12 13:41:48 PST 2006

I was very surprised to learn that such confidential documents as the EWZ
files are available on LDS microfilms.

Some time ago I ordered copies of the "Antraege" regarding my grandparents
and two of my greatgrandmothers in the State Archives in Poland. This was
rather expensive, but the information I got was very interesting. (My family
lived in Lodz/Poland from around 1800 to 1950.)

I would now like to order the films as well.
Does anyone have any experience with these files?

1. The "Antraege" that I have contain a couple of numbers
(a) Staatsangehörigkeitsausweis-Nr.
(b) Ausweis-Nr .
(c) Liste Nr - Seite - Lf-Nr
Is any one of these the number I need to find the "Stammblaetter" (without
ordering the card index)?

2. Does is still make sense to order the card index (if I find the
Stammblätter directly)?

3. My grandparents changed their name from CERECKI to ZERETZKE (the German
version used in Posen prior to 1800) in 1941 (= a year later). Should I
search for CERECKI or ZERETZKE?

4. Will I find documents on people/families that had always lived in the
Lodz area?

Michael Stockhausen
Bad Vilbel, Germany

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