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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 12 18:32:56 PST 2006

My apologies.  I clicked the wrong button and sent a message without 
any comments.

You have apparently found the birth records from 1873-1875 for 
Kielce.  Have you also tried to find the marriage record for either 
of the parents of Gottfried or Ernestine?  If they married in this 
parish, they should be available.  Also these birth records should 
have the names of both parents, not one.  You have not shown any 
parents for Ernestine and only the father for Gottfried.

I have not found Ewgeniovy (which might be Eugeniow in Polish) but I 
did find Stutzno / Stuzno about 10 km SE of Opoczno.  There is a 
Eugeniow about 12 km NE of Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski but this seems 
much to far from Stuzno to be the correct location.  I have not been 
able to find a village in that area known as Kaniok.

It would appear that you should have more success with this line 
unless you have already tried and failed.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

At 07:38 PM 12/01/2006, waldemar kruger wrote:
>Dear Gerhard.
>Here are some information of birthrecords of my parents , 
>gran-parents and great-gran parents. Also included are the places of 
>birth.I hope it will help to discover the history of the name  ciechocinski.
>My father; Emil Ciechocinski born 25.11.1905 in Lipski--Stanislawow
>                    Poland.
>My motherl Leokadia Ciechocinski { krueger ] born 2.1.1920 in
>                  Dowine - Dobrodinske --Nowini  Dobrod Poland. Married in
>                  Lutsk and
>                  living in  Kadyszcze  Volhynia.
>father;      Gottfried Ciechocinski born 18/30 July 1873 in Kaniok--
>                  Poland.  EWZ RECORDS.
>mother     Ernestine Ciechocinski  [ Fechner ] born 2.3.1875 in
>                Kelze-- Poland.   EWZ  RECORDS.
>              Both birth certificates I received from the archives of
>             Kelze / poland.written by Pastor Eduard   Lembke --
>             [  Kiletsky ] in kyrillig .It states that they both were
>             born in the Hamlet of Ewgeniovy. Village Stutzno  -====
>           OPOTCHYNSKY District.  Further it states that Gottfrieds
>          Father August  Ciyucinsky age 25 was  present at birth.
>          II dont know if it was a misspelling fom ukrainien Kyrillig.
>        August had a wife called Rosalia Marcinovska in kyrillig
>       and also in other files  as Rosine Martin.For instant the Odessa
>       Files are given a name of August which must be the brother
>      of Gottfried he is born 1883. Lipski and Ewgeniovy could be the
>      same place.
>       HERE are some dates from my mothers parents;   KRUEGER
>       OTTO kRUEGER  born 17.10.1892 in Gluscha  Kreis Kowel.
>       hIS WIFE  ;Ottilie Krueger  [ Stenzel ] geb.28.1.1893 in
>       Juljanowka  Kreis Bubno / Pupno  Poland.  Her parents ;
>      Johann geb.19.3. 1848 in Kalisch.Mathilde geb. Gatzke born
>        6.7.1854 in Kalisch.
>      Ottos Parents ; Johann and Karoline  geb. Minicki.
>        This are the Dates and NAMES of my Ancestors .
>      Hope it can be of some use .I can go no further back ..
>           Many Greetings Waldemar.

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