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What time period are you talking about?  Did you  also look at Quebec, or 
Montreal, Saint John (New Brunswick) passengers  lists.

There is also http://www.castlegarden.org/ if they arrived  before 1892.

Rose Ingram

I've continued to subscribe to this list, even though I realized my family  
did not come from Volhynia, because I so enjoy the conversations and reading 
all  the things you all write. I'm horrified by what so many people endured and 
had  to go through back in the bad times but I love the stories about the 
recipes and  the verbal expressions and the card games.
But imagine my excitement to read your email, Rose, because I was not aware  
of the castlegarden website and I just found my German relatives immigration  
records after 3 years of searching! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Jo Phillips

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