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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 15 08:52:18 PDT 2006

At 02:20 PM 28/06/2006, David wrote:
>Thanks to the newly posted Podolia records, I now have the names of 
>my great grandparents & family after 10 years of searching.  The 
>records have Franz Zipp as a Kolonist of both Kamionka & 
>Antoinettenthal.  The records also list Kamenka and Niemerow.  I 
>would like to know are any of these the same place?  How close are 
>they to each other and how many families etc.   Any info would be appreciated!
>Also, the marriages for Gottfried Zipp have incorrect ages in the 
>register.  Is 1884104/2 the correct film for both?
>Janice Yakel


Just got back from holidays and can respond to your question.

A German settlement map of Podolia is not currently available.  It is 
on my to do list but with a fairly low priority at the present 
time.  The German population was quite scattered so you will find 
significant distances between places.

Niemerow - is the church parish name and is located at 48/58N and 
28/51E;  go to 
http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/digkonyv/topo/200e/46-49.jpg where you 
will find it on the right edge of the map, just below the 49 (note 
that these maps use Ferro so the easting does not match the Greenwich 
easting I have given you.  You can also use 
http://www.jewishgen.org/ShtetlSeeker/LocTown.asp to help you find it.

Kamenka = Kamionka - a very common place name throughout Ukraine.  I 
haven't yet determined which one it is.

Antoinettenthal - I have not yet found a location for this village on any map.

I am sure that maps are available that would show these places but I 
don't have copies for this region and little research has been 
conducted in this area.

1884104 is the film number.  The 2 is the item on that film.  If you 
are in Calgary or Edmonton, these films are available on permanent 
loan at your local FHC.

Ages in marriage and death records are often inaccurate.  The dates 
of the events should be quite reliable.  In all cases, get a copy of 
the original record to ensure that the transcription is correct.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca  

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