[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The fate of Heinrich LAWKER

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Sun Jul 16 09:11:14 PDT 2006

This mail should be forewarded to anybody who coud give hints on:
Heinrich LAWKER´s parents or other relatives. Especially to goups
who search in the former USSR.

Dear fellow searchers,

Heinrich LAWKER, born April 20 in 1935 in the USSR,
is searching for all possible relatives, not only with the

He remembers all of his family, parents, brother and grandparents being

They all spoke German at home.

A fight with his brother caused him a scar on the forehead.

At a time he doesn´t remember, he had to get treatment in a hospital

He was seperated from his family, when he was evacuated (from the hospital?)
by airplain, together with many wounded german soldiers, to probably Odessa

>From there he was sent to Poland by train.

There he was taken care of at an orphant-home at Kalish, where he went to
school. At the end of the war the leader of the orphanage fled with his wife
and the children via Poznan to finally Hamburg.

In 1948 officials in Kalish tried to find relatives of the children, but
with no success.

Any hints which could help to clear up his origin are appriciated very much.

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matters like this.

Please send your answers to:

Reiner Kerp <mail at reiner-kerp.de>

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