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Mon Jul 17 08:54:29 PDT 2006

It is always with sadness when one hears of the death of someone who was  
well-known to some of us in SGGEE.  George Maser was a great help to my  husband 
and I way back in 1993 when we asked him for details on how to find some  
villages that were my husband's parent's birth villages in Volhynia.   George very 
graciously sent us some maps with the current village names and  adding the 
former German village name.  We were on an ancestral tour with  about 12 who 
were descendants of Johann Bergstraesser and Juliana Vogel who had  settled in 
Heimthal.  When on the Intourist bus on the highway from  Zhitomir we showed 
the map to the bus driver so he would know just what exit to  take to go to 
Heimthal.  He was very curious as to where did such a map  come from!  And of 
course, pleased to see that we were traveling the route  as shown.  Thanks to 
George Maser - our trip into Volhynia was much  easier.  Other stops were made 
along the way helping us all to feel the  emotions of being on the very ground 
that our Volhynian ancestors once  trod.  I am sure that the tours that George 
and Howard were responsible for  were quite special.  George's dedication to 
his ancestral heritage and  helping others to discover their roots certainly 
were important to SGGEE as this  organization began its journey into genealogical 
Virginia Less

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