[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Research in Leeds, England

Paul Rakow rakow at ifh.de
Mon Mar 6 11:21:41 PST 2006

  Hello Antje,

      I think I'm the only SGGEE member in the UK, so I'll send you
  a few thoughts. Though I live here, all my ancestors were originally
  from Eastern Europe. My impression is that British genealogy looks
  easier than East European, many more records have survived and are
  easily accessible, and there are lots of indexes.  If you look at
  the Mormons' FHC catalogue you will see that lots of church records
  have been filmed and many of them indexed too.

      In the IGI I see somebody who might well be your ancestor, a
  Thomas Bricegirdle baptised in St Peter's church in Leeds on
  3 Feb 1795, the son of Samuel Bracegirdle. I think it would be worth
  looking at the filmed St Peter's church records to see what else you
  might find on this family. How much do you know about the brother?
  If you can find him as well, that would be a good way of checking that
  you have the correct family in Leeds (Bracegirdle is not as rare a name
  as you might think).

      There will probably be city directories for Leeds and Manchester.

      There wasn't a University in Manchester till about 1850, but there
  were other places your Thomas might have studied. There was the famous
  Manchester Mechanics' Institute founded in 1824, (was that too late for
  your Thomas?),  they might have records of some sort.

       The best thing to do is to join one of the English genealogy
  groups, and ask for advice there.

       By the way, I went to Brno a few years ago, to see Mendel's
  pea garden.

                  Paul Rakow
                  Liverpool (not far from Manchester)
                  rakow at ifh.de

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> Today I want to ask researcher living in the UK to help me. It is not
> really a question about Congress Poland, but about East Europe.
> I am looking for an archive, web page or maybe just a hint, where I can
> look for my ancestors who lived in Leeds in the 1780/90s. The only thing
> I know is that my ancestor Thomas Bracegirdle (married to Anne Benbow
> from Newcastle) was born there in 1794 and that he came with his brother
> to the Czech Republic in the 1820's and that he had studied engineering
> in Manchester before. Later on he moved to Brno, where he owned a
> plant/manufactory.
> Thanks,
> Antje
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