[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Stumpp Book

Dave Obee daveobee at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 7 22:07:38 PST 2006

It's not actually the type of thing you would read, it's more of a reference
work where you can look up names/

And others may disagree, but I think there is almost no value in it for 99
per cent of Volhynian researchers.

Dave Obee

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> Hello All,
>   I was thinking of ordering the book by Karl Stumpp, "Emigration from
Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862." It sounds interesting, but is
about $65.00 U.S. Before I buy though, I was wondering if anyone in SGGEE
has read it, and most importantly, does it talk about Volhynia, or just the
Volga and Odessa colonies?
>   Thanks,
>   Chris Menke
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