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Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 7 22:20:04 PST 2006

I believe Fic usually translates to "Fitz".  "c" = "tz"

Rose Ingram

From: > Rick
> Lynn - I'm going thru the film for Trębki parish in Poland for 1808 to 
> 1815
> (actually Civil Transcriptions) and I have seen the name Fic in there. 
> Today
> saw a Josef Fic.
> Rick Hunter
> Has anyone on this list ever heard of these brothers (Martin born
> 1874-Conrad probably later)
> Martin was married somewhere in Volhynia about 1895 or 96 to my great
> grandmother Maria Becker Eisbrenner(born Terespol in 1877- may be the
> Marianna on record for 1878)) Maria probably grew up in Marianowka or
> Sergejuwka with her parents Reinhold Eisbrenner and Susanna Becker. The
> Eisbrenners were from Pommerania. I have no idea where the Ficks came from
> except that they aren't on any "available" records in Volhynia and the
> marriage record from the 1890's is basically unavailable to me. MARTIN 
> has been my brickwall for 20 years.
> Conrad Ficks married Maria's sister Bertha Becker Eisbrennerr and probably
> didn't come to the US or Canada. Joseph Fix met my Martin at the docks in
> Philadelphia in 1899. No Joseph Fix or Conrad Fix in the US Census seems 
> to
> fit. This is just an inquiry in case someone on this list happens to be a
> Ficks/Fix descendant right under my nose!  My next step is renting a birth
> microfilm for Edenkoben Germany for the 1870's. I saw some promising names
> one generation further back listed at the LDS website.
> One other possibility- anyone realted to Georg Fix and Auguste Leimert
> (having children Adolph and Carl in "Terrapol" and Marianowka in 1882 and
> 1884)? This is a possible connection to my 3 Ficks/Fix brothers because
> they're in the right towns for my family.
> Thanks for reading.......Lynn
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