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<!-- DIV {margin:0px} -->I do very little Volhynian research, but I've used the Stumpp book extensively over the years, and I would concur with Dave Obee's assessment.

You may also check the nearest LDS Family History Center. The one near me has the Stumpp book on microfiche. Also, if you decide you do want to acquire the book, you can order the digital version from AHSGR ($30 to members; $40 to non-members). This makes the book easily searchable on your computer, and that's an advantage, given its size.

Best Wishes
Allyn Brosz

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Hello All,
  I was thinking of ordering the book by Karl Stumpp, "Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862." It sounds interesting, but is about $65.00 U.S. Before I buy though, I was wondering if anyone in SGGEE has read it, and most importantly, does it talk about Volhynia, or just the Volga and Odessa colonies?
  Chris Menke

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