[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Payment to Archiwum Panstwowe

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I paid them cash in person at the Warsaw archives. This may be your best
alternative even by mail. I paid EZAB in Berlin that way by mail.


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Most banks seem to have great difficulty making a wire transfer.

There are some Polish Banks in the USA, so one way to make the 
payment is to have the Polish Bank here make the transfer.    Also, 
go to the www.SGGEE.org website and in the upper left corner of the 
opening web page, type in the word "wire" (without the quote marks) 
to see discussions of this subject that occurred earlier on the mail list.

Gary Warner

At 05:35 PM 03/26/06, Joyce wrote:
>I wrote a letter to the Archiwum Panstwowe m.st.Warszawy.  After 4 
>months I received a reply from them.  They had the marriage records 
>I was looking for.  I translated the letter and I know what it will 
>cost. The problem  lies in the questions MY bank is asking in order 
>to wire the money into Narodowy Bank Polksi (National Bank of 
>Poland).  My bank wants to know the name on the account number 
>given. ( I am uncertain about the name)  They also want to know the 
>address of the Narodowy Bank Polski.  Also is it the main office or 
>a branch.  I also think the routing number (aka Swift # or BIC) is 
>wrong as most banks have 8 digits and they gave me one with nine.  I 
>can e-mail a copy of my letter.        Joyce
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