[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Payment to Archiwum Panstwowe

Hannes Werner hannes.werner at online.de
Tue Mar 28 05:57:11 PST 2006

Hallo Jerry, you were right !
It was my fault !

Now, here is the original mail @ Joyce, but also everybody on the list:

Hi Joyce,
and also Gary, Michael and Maureen
Hannes Werner from Germany

I just had the same problem with a money-transaction to "Archiwum panstwowe
First I received a letter from the archive with the right account name (see
above), the right IBAN (but without "PL" at the beginning and the wrong
SWIFT/BIC (BIC had 9 digits).
A phone call to the NBP in Poland didn't help, but my bank had very good

So here is the solution:
Correct account name is:    Archiwum panstwowe m.st. Warszawy (for YOU)
Bank name:   Narodowy Bank Polski
SWIFT/BIC is:  NBPLPLPW    (exactly 8 digits!)
This BIC is always and anywhere in Poland the same for ALL branches of the
Then follows the IBAN beginning with PL and 26 digits (alltogether exactly
28 !)
Don't forget the Use/Purpose and write "Nasz znak (number)".
Nearly all state archives in Poland use the NBP. A most useful explanation
for correct data and examples for money-transaction you'll find here:

My best wishes to everybody on this mailing list
Hannes Werner
(Searching names/regions:
Werner / Schielke;Büch (Bich,Bych,Buch u. a.)/Zachäi
at Kreis Hohensalza / Volhynia / Radom (Mittelpolen)
at Lodz / Militsch)

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