[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Milaschev, Mydzk, Wartegau

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I don't think you'll find anything specifically about the resettlement of 
those two villages, but I know of two works in English dealing with the 
resettlement (there may be more by now--these two are fairly old).  These 
will at least give an overview.

Joseph B. Schechtman, European Population Transfers, 1939-1945, (NY, 1946, 

Robert L. Koehl, RKFDV: German Resettlement and Population Policy, 1939-1945 
(Cambridge, 1957).

If you read German, let me know and perhaps I can dig up another source or 

Dick Benert
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>I am looking for a map to find these two villages.  As well somewhere to 
> history of the resettlement of these villages to Wartegau.
> Rita Lyster
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