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  Dick Benert is the unofficial SGGEE expert on German deportation during WW I. Since I have studied so many EWZ files I have a good impression where many Germans were sent, plus I have heard stories from the previous generation of my relatives and friends who experienced it.
  In general, most Germans within the current Polish boundaries or Volhynia were sent east of the Volga River. Common places were Saratov, Samara, Pensa, Orenburg, Troitsk, Chelyabinsk in Russia and Kustanai (Qostanay) and Akhtubinsk (Aqtobe) in Kazakhstan. My Oma was even as far as Samarqand in Uzbekistan at one point. This will give you an idea of the general regions Germans were deported to.
  There was also a large number deported to Charkow (Kharkiv), Ukraine as in the case of my paternal family. In EWZ I find Charkow and Kustanai referred to the most.
  I should also indicate "verschleppt" as used in EWZ records (Russian records) has a different connotation than being deported. It really means to be taken away - never to be heard from again - as was typical of Stalin's brutal tactics to deal with those who communists considered as criminals.

aydodger at aol.com wrote:
  Hello all!

My Oma's family was sent (verschleppt) to Russia during WWI. Does 
anyone know if there is any record of where in Russia Germans were 
sent, how long they stayed and from where in Poland they came? (I 
believe my Oma lived in the Plock area at the time) Is there any 
reading material or websites that anyone may be aware that they could 
direct me to? Any help would be much appreciated.

researching Kramer, Kopp, Peter, Fisch, Fregin, Gerdung, Rynas, Taube, 

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