[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Need some help with surnames starting with O

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the difference results from the difference between High German and Low
German. The E is the Low German pronunciation (East European variants)of
the Oe (O Umlaut).


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To all of you who have knowledge of surnames,

I am trying to figure out the relationship between surnames that 
begin with an O, and what appears to be their counterpart names 
without the leading O.

I am aware that a leading O in the British Empire means "of the 
family of" (for instance, O'Sullivan versus Sullivan).   In German 
surnames, is the same true?

If the above is true, then are the following sample of such names 
related to each other?

Oeher and Eher
Oehler and Ehler
Oehlike and Ehlike
Oehlke and Ehlke

Gary Warner

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