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Otto otto at schienke.com
Mon May 8 11:31:28 PDT 2006

My fault for clipping the phrase, 'same as Platt'.

I am stating that the English long 'E' sound is the same as the  
Plattdeutsch Ü sound (english long 'e') spoken without pursed lips of  
High German.
Try the 'e' experiment (below) again and you will hear a definite  

[Sound out the English long 'E' two or three times as you would  
speaking  English.  (same as Platt)]> (same sound as Plattdeutsch Ü)
Now sound out the same English long 'E' two or three times with
pursed lips. (the 'standardized' German sound)> (of the Ü umlaut)
That is it!

On May 8, 2006, at 12:01 PM, Gary Warner wrote:

> Otto,
> I do not follow about the long E sound in the word Platt.    To me  
> a long E sound is the first letter in the word "eagle".
> G

. . .  Otto

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