[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Land Inheritance

Nancy Gertner nancygertner at mac.com
Wed May 10 15:41:54 PDT 2006

In Russia, I think it was put into their laws that the land went to  
youngest son.

This tradition continued in North America with my family, passing to  
the youngest son for two generations anyway.  The elder siblings were  
helped by parents with purchasing their own farms, or getting set up  
in business.


On May 10, 2006, at 5:33 PM, Christopher Menke wrote:

> Hi all,
>   In various reading about the German farmers in E. Europe I have  
> seen some that said land was passed on to the oldest son, and some  
> say it was passed on to the youngest son. Was there a set custom,  
> or did it just depend on the circumstances?
>   Thanks,
>   Chris Menke

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