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I hope that you will not be too disappointed, but the text is more or less a current version of the German bible that is available most likely in any store selling bibles.  I have one that was published by the German Bible Society in 1984.  It has the title, "The Bible - according to the translation of Martin Luther".  In the Foreword, it states that the text has been revised and reworked from Luther's translation.  In German Bibles, the Pentatuch is comprised of the 1. Book of Moses (Genesis), the 2. Book of Moses (Exodus), the 3. Book of Moses (Leviticus), the 4. Book of Moses (Numbers), and the 5. Book of Moses (Deuteronomy).

Having said all that, I am sure that your Bible has great value to you because it belonged to your gr grandfather, it is quite old, and perhaps has markings and notes made by him and some ancestors of succeeding generations.  It is a treasure.  I have a Russian New Testament that has markings made by my father while in prison and living in Russia.  When I look at it, I wonder why were some verses of such importance to him that he underlined them and marked them for emphasis. 

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> I have recently come into possession of my great grandfather's Bible. It is 
> in German and so I needed an older relative to translate for me. She 
> informed me that it is the Bible, Martin Luther version and starts with the 
> Book of Moses. It was printed in 1898. 
> Could anyone tell me the significance about being a Martin Luther version 
> and starting with the Book of Moses? 
> Thank you 
> Delores 
> Saskatoon 
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