[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] East Prussia research

Richard A. Stein ra_stein at telus.net
Tue May 23 11:32:03 PDT 2006

We received the following inquiry from Patricia Urschel of 330 Rosemount Drive, Kitchener, Ontario, N2B 1R8:

"I am researching my family history and I need some directions as to how to start.  The Kawohl/Schappals family lived in Lankuppen, Launsatan, and Berzischkern, East Prussia prior to and after WWI and WWII.  The information I have does not go past my mother-in-law's parents and nobody has any information about past great, great grandparents on either side.  Do you know of any societies that I could contact that are well researched in East Prussia?  Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated."

No e-mail address is given.  If you can help, please contact Patricia directly, or send information to me by e-mail and I will pass it on to her.

Dick Stein
ra_stein at telus.net

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