[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Internet Explorer 7 and SGGEE databases

Lloyd Friedrick lloydfriedrick at telus.net
Mon Nov 6 11:48:16 PST 2006

I installed the Beta version of IE7. It had a few glitches but no serious probs.
An automatic update by Microsoft to IE 7 caused many serious problems. I was able to contact a real live person and after two hours on the telephone, they advised me to uninstall IE7 and return to IE6.
Still some minor problems with some URL's, so I have been using Foxfire as my Web source with no problems.

Here is a Canadian Tel number that may get you to a Microsoft person.


lloyd friedrick
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  Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Internet Explorer 7 and SGGEE databases

  I have discovered why I get no results searching the SGGEE databases. There
  is some sort of compatibility problem with IE 7. I had installed it a few
  weeks ago. I reinstalled it twice. I also played with all the settings. IE7
  seems to work fine with other search engines. I think it's a displayed
  problem since the no results message doesn't even appear. If anyone knows
  the answer please let me know. I have IE6 on my other PC so I can still
  search when I need to.


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