[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Sources and merging

Gary Warner gary at warnerengineering.com
Wed Nov 8 07:12:37 PST 2006


Good observations.

You can also merge the duplicate source entries in each record, but 
you will need to do so one master source at a time.   This duplicate 
display of sources in the Source field of each record happens when a 
merge takes place, and appears to be a glitch in Legacy that does not 
merge automatically.   Basically what you need to do to merge the 
duplicate sources is

1.  Tag all of the records that have the same master source

2.  Create a new master source that is somewhat different than the 
original master source.

3.  Apply the new master source to all of the records previously 
tagged (make sure that you have applied the new master source by 
looking at the source field in your tagged records)

4.  Now, and only now, delete the master source that is showing up 
multiple times in each of the tagged records.

5.  Now go back and change the newly created master source so that it 
is identical to the original master source that you created.

Gary Warner


At 02:52 AM 11/08/06, Dr. Frank Stewner wrote:
>Some time ago I received from Gary the (Legacy-) file with the data 
>related to my family.
>I merged that data with my file and realized that many sources are 
>identical but not written in the same way. Therefore I merged them, 
>which can easily be done by Legacy. But now I have two or more 
>citations of the same Master source for many persons.
>Conclusion: it is highly advisable to clean the Master source list 
>before the merging.
>The same is also advisable for the locations as otherwise the 
>automerge will not function.
>Frank Stewner
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