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Wed Nov 8 11:56:06 PST 2006


      Sorry for the late reply - I've had a busy work week. 

      Yes, I knew about your Belchatow index, and found it very useful
 when I had the Belchatow microfilms. There are in fact some of my Gruenke
 relations in your index of the older films, one as Gruenka, one as
 Krynke and one as Krenke. (Which underlines the need to be very flexible 
 about spelling in the Parish Records). 

     My great-great-great-great-grandfather Michael Zibell usually 
 appears within the records under the Polish-style spelling Cybel, 
 but he could sign, so I know he wrote his own name as Zibell. 

     As I understand it, the Belchatow Lutheran Parish was founded in
 1837, so I suspect that the earlier block of records, 1809-1825, with
 Catholic, Lutheran and Jewish people all included, were probably made
 by the Catholic priest. 

      Anyway, whoever made these records, we're all lucky that they
 still exist, and grateful to you and all the volunteers who extract
 the indexes. 

             Paul Rakow 
             rakow at ifh.de 
On Sat, 28 Oct 2006, Richard Stein wrote:

> Paul,
> I extracted the indexes from Belchatow Lutheran microfilms and they are in
> the Parish Records Indexes database.  I don't see any Gruenke names, but
> there are some Zippel that could be a spelling variant of Zibell.  I don't
> know much about the town of Belchatow or what other records may be
> available.  Lutheran records started in 1808, but records of 1826 to 1836
> are missing.
> Dick Stein
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> >    Is there anyone else here who is interested in Belchatow, a textile
> >  town in Poland, south of Lodz?
> >
> >    I have ancestors who lived there in the 1820s. I've found some records
> >  of my relatives in the microfilmed metrical books, and am now wondering
> >  what else there might be to look at.
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