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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 8 17:13:02 PST 2006

At 01:47 PM 07/11/2006, rlyster at telusplanet.net wrote:

>I have some questions for the experts out there:
>Some places listed on birth and marriage documents, does anyone know where
>they are:

Smorgorzewiec is located roughly 17 km ESE of Torun / Thorn (N52/57 
E18/49) and would have been in the Lipno Parish of Russian Poland.


I cannot find such a place but there is Kwirynowo only 7 km SE of 
Smorgozewiec so there is a good chance that it is the right place.

>Also one marriage document lists the groom from Milascew, Kreis Silno and the
>bride from Milascew, Kreis Luck.
>Are you aware of two Milascew's?

I don't know why this Kreis conflict exists but there appears to be 
only on Milascew / Milaszew located about 8 km E of Kolki and it is 
within range of both Silno and Luck as far as being in either district.

>I also have a letter in old script that I would like someone to read.  I
>cannot attach to the list serve so if you would volunteer, I could send it
>separately directly to you.

Hopefully someone else has been able to help you with this request.

>Rita Lyster, Barrhead

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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