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    As a result of your original inquiry I immediately checked the Lodz Trinity parish records for the Manzei name and found none.  Your quest for Rudolf Manzei is about 50 year later than the latest records I have in my possession.
    I have a strong suspicion that Manzei  = Manthei, as Reiner Kerp has suggested, and there are many entries of that name to be found in the Lodz Trinity parish, but of course of an earlier period.
    The fully translated (to English) records  I have start with 1828 and end in 1853.  The series of LDS film numbers that apply are as follows;
1828 - 1847  are 809109 to 809114;  
1848 - 1853 are 809415 to 809417.    
    Lodz Trinity parish encompassed not only Lodz, but an outlying area S and SSE of Lodz probably extending  about 2 or 3 Kms from the city with several villages within this area.
    So in summary, if you can get back about 50 years to the 1850s, and if it is possible to reconcile Manzei with Manthei, there may some information in the Lodz records to aid your search.

John Marsch



  I cannot answer your question about which film, as John is working 
  from paper transcripts of the records that were not filmed.   If he 
  is around, he may be able to help you more with the film numbers, if he knows.


  At 05:08 PM 11/08/06, Mike  McHenry wrote:
  >Thanks this why I was looking for help. A place name search at FHC gives
  >multiple results for Lodz. Are they all the in the same area? Which films
  >are trinity?
  >                                         Mike
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  >I have looked at the Lodz Trinity database that John Marsch is
  >working on.   The database was about 28,000 names this summer, but I
  >do not see any Manzei in that data.   This is only one of several
  >parishes in the Lodz area, however.
  >Gary Warner
  >At 10:16 AM 11/07/06, Mike  McHenry wrote:
  > >I came across a new piece of evidence on the origins of my grandmother
  > >Auguste Manzei. In reviewing EI manifest for a Rudolf Mancei (polish
  > >spelling) Oct. 1903 SS Rhein I noticed something I overlooked. He is headed
  > >for Bristol, CT where my grandparents lived at the time. When I looked at
  > >this manifest previous times I only looked at the box for whom you are
  > >to that seemed to be associated with him. This indicated an Uncle K???.
  > >However in the bottom of the box above I now notice B-I-L (brother in law)
  > >Wilhelm Muller. This was my grandfather's name. I now conclude this was my
  > >grandmother's brother. He has a line through his name meaning he was
  > >deported. Is anyone researching LODZ area and could give me some pointers?
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  > >                                         Mike
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