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Gerhard Koenig Gerhard.Koenig at gmx.net
Sat Nov 11 02:01:34 PST 2006

Please, work correctly with your sources:

> ... Ulrich Mertens "Handbuch Russland-Deutsche".  It
> is identified as being in Polish Volhynia/Vladimir, Lutheran (Vladimir
> Parish), Tenant Colony, Population 74 in 1904.

In 1904 it was not "Polish...", right: Russian-Poland.

The right source is PINGOUD, Guido, former leader of the Lutheran Consistorium in St.Petersburg: "Die ev.-luth. Gemeinden in Russland" 
Band 1, St.Petersburg 1909, S. 188 - 229

A complete extract of this publication you can read on our SGGEE websites, subject "history" in English and German:

or in German (PDF): 

> ... State or government school; maximum of 25 German farms
> (1927); More than 80% German in the community in 1927 ...

This values are estimated from LUECK, Kurt in 1927 on his map "Karte der deutschen Sprachinseln im zu Polen gehoerenden Wolhynien"

Complete index of this map with description about next publications (in German, PDF):

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