[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] World War1

Jurgen jkaut at xplornet.com
Tue Nov 14 08:50:58 PST 2006

hi, frank and everyone else,

this is a good question, i also would like to find out more information on 
when these upheavals took place in the area around chelm,
several of my aunts were apparently married in april, 1918 in samara , 
this was after they were relocated from bukowski las, a small village near 
chelm earlier,
unsure as to when, how, would love to find out details of this mass 
are there any records surviving that record which families, and family 
members had their farms, etc taken away from them and were then sent to 
russia ?
a very interesting topic
jurgen kaut

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> Hallo,
>  I wonder if anybody knows, when the German settlers north of Chelm had to 
> leave their settlements and had to go to Russia in World War 1?
>  Was it in July 1915?
>  Best regards
>  Frank Janke
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