[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Remembrance Day article in newspaper

rlyster at telusplanet.net rlyster at telusplanet.net
Wed Nov 15 08:54:52 PST 2006

I hope this interests some of you to know:

Our local newspaper, the Barrhead Leader, has been featuring stories about war 
veterans.  In yesterday's paper they also featured a story about my father, a 
German war veteran!  So now we wait for how the community responds!

Also this is the 4th year that our local Royal Canadian Legion has allowed 
(invited) my family to lay a Belter family wreath in memory of two of my 
father's brothers (one was my mother's first husband) who were killed in WW2.
This has been very special to our family as we are now able to fully 
participate in November 11th services and feel part of the group and not the 

Rita Lyster, Barrhead

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