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Mon Nov 20 05:55:32 PST 2006

    Daryl Ann;
        I have Lodz Trinity records up to 1852 with some of 1853 and 1867 only .  There are Hiller names recorded, but I am not able to extend any of them as far ahead as 1893.
        I have also reviewed SGGEE's databases, and again, there is a considerable number of Hillers entered from various sources, but I was unable to determine if any of them were tied to Joseph Hiller and his wife Julia.

John Marsch


  I am looking for records (perhaps John Marsch) in Lodz for the family of  
  Joseph Hiller and Julji Jarzecka Hiller.
  Their son Wladislaw was born in Lodz on April 19, 1893.  He had two  brothers 
  Stanislaw and Bronislaw (birth dates unknown).
  I am also wondering if Joseph and Julji were married in Lodz.
  Any information on Karol Hiller (the famous painter and a cousin of  
  Wladislaw) would be welcome.
  Thank you.
  Daryl Ann

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