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Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 20 11:42:19 PST 2006


Joseph Hiller may be German and Lutheran and Julia Jarzecka may be Polish 
and Catholic.

The (Polish) names of the three brothers leads me to suspect that Joseph and 
Julia may have married in a Catholic Church (Bride's parish) and the 
children possibly raised Catholic.

Joseph's birth record may be found in Lodz Lutheran records which records 
are filmed up to 1876.

There are filmed records from various Catholic churches, some filmed up to 
year 1946.

ROse Ingram

From: <Genealdhh at aol.com>

>I am looking for records (perhaps John Marsch) in Lodz for the family of
> Joseph Hiller and Julji Jarzecka Hiller.
> Their son Wladislaw was born in Lodz on April 19, 1893.  He had two 
> brothers
> Stanislaw and Bronislaw (birth dates unknown).
> I am also wondering if Joseph and Julji were married in Lodz.
> Any information on Karol Hiller (the famous painter and a cousin of
> Wladislaw) would be welcome.
> Thank you.
> Daryl Ann

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