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Do you know of if some form of identification was required? After 1924 you
were required to have a VISA from the US consulate in your home country to
enter the US.

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I'm pretty sure that it was necessary for people leaving Russia to have a
passport - that's where you get all the stories about people "sneaking" out.
Our family story is that my grandfather used his brother-in-law's passport
to get out, because he (my grandfather) would have been subject to military
service otherwise.

But the U.S. didn't require a passport to ENTER the country until much
later.  I don't remember the exact year that started, but I know it was
after 1905 when my grandfather arrived.  In any case, that would probably be
why there were no U.S. stamps on a passport - no one checked it or cared.

Carolyn Schott

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>So far as I know, all persons who left Russia had 
>a passport.    That was certainly true for my 
>grandfather in 1893, as I still have his Russian 
>passport.    Interestingly enough, there are no 
>Canadian or USA stamps on it.    When my 
>grandmother came in 1895, I do not know if she 
>had a passport or not- at least none has survived.
>Gary Warner

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